WhatsApp New Feature: You will be able to open WhatsApp account on four phones simultaneously, that too without internet

WhatsApp update features: WhatsApp recently rolled out multi-device support to Android as well as iOS users. With the feature users are able to access the WhatsApp accounts on up to four phones and four devices simultaneously without an internet connection.

The meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp is currently working on this feature that allows customers to link multiple devices with WhatsApp alongside their main phone. Users can connect to their WhatsApp account to access their WhatsApp on other devices. This feature was first seen in the WhatsApp beta version for Android upgrade.

Based on a recent report published by WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo the messaging service is currently working to expand its multi-device capabilities to other tablets and smartphones. With this feature users will be able to use using the exact same WhatsApp account across several devices.

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The report states that the second version of the multi-device function has been added to the WhatsApp beta version for Android upgrade. The report also includes an image of the interface when you launch WhatsApp on a different mobile device. In the screenshot, there’s a section titled “Registering Device as Companion” to give users the idea on how the feature will appear when it is launched.

To connect the messaging app to a different device, as well as an Android tablet device, customers will require scanning the QR code on their first WhatsApp device. The report states that the report that work on the feature is currently ongoing.

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In the last month, WhatsApp announced multi-device support for all users. It allows Android users as well as iOS users to sign up for WhatsApp accounts on several devices to exchange and send messages from the app simultaneously even if they aren’t connected to the internet. Users don’t need to connect their phones to the internet for this feature. If the phone remains unconnected for longer than 14 days, then the connected devices will be disconnected.

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