‎"The Lord of the Rings"-Review

‎The Lord of the Rings On 14th july, the new trailer of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power came from Amazon which was amazing. 

New types of designs and sounds reflect a real glimpse into this new form of Middle-earth. 

It can be very difficult to prepare such a story after a time that is beyond imagination, but it is very big to do.

Recounting the events going on in Middle Earth after so long, in this you will find a summary of the story and the acquaintances we saw in the Fellowship of the Ring. 

show things in a JD Payne and Patrick McKay have tried to give a better look to the time limit and new characters to

To give a heavy weight to the narrative, Amazon's show Harfoots has tried to take center stage.

The other characters who were given only a small part in the story in the past have been done just as well in this story.

In this mythology you will find many new things because Tolkien's mythology has been tampered with. 

In order to keep the level of women in the story high, Arwen's role was increased and the time limit was reduced.

The daring to shape the narrative further by cutting out smaller characters, the timing has been perfect for all the transformations by Jackson.

New characters and stories were created to expand and pad out the Tolkien story.

The writers have twisted the story in different ways to bring out the beauty, it was never told like this.

The main reason for making this story is not a deep respect for Tolkien, Amazon has invested a lot of money in this story.

Amazon wants to make more of that same money with Amazon's Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

That being said, The Rings of Power is Amazon's ploy to build its own popularity.