Solar eclipse 2022: Time, date and how to watch it online

Many parts of the globe will be witness to the initial partial solar eclipse, which will occur on the 30th of April. The event is also colliding with another celestial event known as Black Moon and according to NASA it is believed that it is believed that the Black Moon will block the light for a short period during the daylight hours.
Partial solar eclipse The location where it will be visible

It will also be seen across certain parts within the Southern Hemisphere and people living in South America, Chile, Uruguay and southwest Bolivia, Peru, some regions in the southwestern region of Brazil as well as Argentina can expect to observe the celestial phenomenon.
NASA has also stated it will appear visible in regions of South Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean regions. Unfortunately, people living in India aren’t able be able to see the eclipse.
Partially solar eclipse: Time and date

It will show a partial lunar eclipse around 12:15 am IST and will continue until 2:11 midnight IST the 30th of April.
How do I observe the partial solar eclipse on-line from April 30.
In regions in which the celestial phenomenon cannot be seen viewers can view the event live online. Many YouTube channels stream live the event through their respective channels.

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