One year Diploma in Vedic Mathematics started in Banaras Hindu University

Digital Desk, Lucknow. Vedic Mathematics is getting more attention at Banaras Hindu University. Because of this, it is here that BHU has begun a Diploma program for Vedic Mathematics. It is a Diploma is in Vedic Mathematics, being conducted by Banaras Hindu University, is accessible via online classes. The administration of Banaras Hindu University has made specific arrangements for providing Vedic Mathematics education to the students online.

As per Banaras Hindu University, this course of Diploma in Vedic Mathematics has been started by the Vedic Science Center. The classes have also been established for students using an online learning. Based on Prashant Sharma who is HOD as well as a highly-respected mathematician from BHU There are 304 key formulas within Vedic maths, which provide solutions to a variety of unsolved issues can be discovered.

As per Banaras Hindu University, one of the top central universities in the nation The diploma program that began at the age of Vedic Mathematics is of 1 year duration. Students who complete the course will receive an award by the university. Additionally, MA in Hindu Studies, Hindu Studies course has been launched in Banaras Hindu University. The course started on the 18th of January on a Tuesday. BHU has described it as per the idea that was developed by Mahamana Pt. Madanmohan Malviya. Its formula, which originates from the scholar of 18th century Pt. Ganganath Jha is changed into the idea of Mahamana Malaviya Ji.

This course is being taught at the very first instance in the history of Banaras Hindu university. The professor Vijay Kumar Shukla, Rector of Banaras Hindu University, underlined its significance by explaining the Hindu studies program in line with the idea in Mahamana Pt. Madanmohan Malaviya. Madanmohan Malaviya. Dr. Vijay Shankar Shukla, Director of the Indira Gandhi National Center of the Arts in Varanasi for a special appearance while highlighting the significance of the Hindu studies program, stated the formula for it was derived from scholars of the 17th century Pt. Ganganath Jha who developed the concept from Mahamana Malviya Ji. However, due to a variety of reasons the sequence was shattered which can be achieved with this program today. The Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Wardha and Centenary Peeth Acharya Professor. Kamlesh Dutt Tripathi said that in Hinduism, Rita, Vrat, Satya etc. are all synonymous with the religion. This program of Hindu studies is an attempt to integrate them to the most current contexts. Hinduism is constantly evolving science-based, rational method.

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