Neetu Kapoor Reveals Ranbir Kapoor Misses His Father A Lot Some Days See Tears In His Eyes

Neetu Kapoor on Rishi Kapoor: It’s been two months that Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor died, but his stories and movies, his words and that smile are still in the minds of people. On the anniversary of his death Rishi Kapoor friends and relatives remembered him. Neetu Kapoor was also emotion-stricken on the day. Speaking to News18 the actress revealed that no day passes by that her family members don’t think of Rishi Kapoor.

The actress said that the first six months were extremely hard for our family. We were very emotional. But life is still going on. I don’t have to be a constant cry and can’t just stay at home. Everyone has to make progress. We will always remember him. When we talked about Ranbir Kapoor Neetu Kapoor saidthat “Ranbi is missing him a lot. Rishi Kapoor’s photograph is stored in the screensaver on his phone. Sometimes, I can notice the tears that he sheds in his eyes. However, he is always solid.

Neetu Kapoor wept deeply…
“Dance Deewane Juniors” judge Neetu Kapoor was reminded of her husband, actor Rishi Kapoor in the production of the show, too. In this show, mother of contestant Bani said that she had saw their husband Rishi Kapoor on the set of the show in. She also showed a photo of her husband alongside Raj Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor and also sang “Lambi Judai” for Neetu. Neetu Kapoor’s eyes were also wet when she was talking about Rishi Kapoor, and she began crying on stage. She stated that it’s gone two years now since her departure from this planet but she still misses him daily.


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