NEET, JEE exams likely to be merged into CUET, check here what UGC has proposed


The government is said to be looking at possibilities of integrating the national medical and engineering entrance tests into the current Common University Entrance Test (CUET,

Its UGC chairman, M Jagadesh Kumar said on Friday that the idea of bringing JEE (Main) as well as NEET under the same umbrella would assist in reducing the workload of students. The idea is in line with the Center’s National Education Policy, 2020.
Students are in for a sigh of relief. and the University Grants Commission is reportedly looking at merging National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, NEET and Joint Entrance Test, JEE with the Common University Entrance Test or CUET. This would make the CUET an admission test that is open to everyone. University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar on Friday stated that the government is looking into the possibility of combining NEET and JEE into one test. National Engineering and Medical Entrance Test (JEE and NEET) together with the Common University Entrance Test (CUET).
The most important thing to know is that CUET was announced in 2015 to allow undergraduate admissions at 90 colleges and 45 central universities. Officials stated that 1.05 million applicants applied for CUET which makes it the second most popular exam after NEET which received 1.8 million applicants. In addition, the UGC chairman claimed”The National Policy on Education ,NEP) 2020 will also include “one nation, one admission” and will ease the amount of students taking part in multiple entrance exams for higher education.

The UGC chairperson also said that the government was contemplating the introduction of an integrated entrance test in the near future, but probably by next year “we have three main entrance examinations: NEET, JEE (Main) and CUET and a significant number of students who take these examinations is common. All of these exams are administered in NTA, the National Testing Agency ,NTA, So, we’re thinking about using CUET scores as the sole criteria for admission to a variety of disciplines”.

He also said that “NEET is a the subjects of biology, physics and chemistry, JEE requires mathematics, the sciences and physics. All of these subjects are within the CUET. This means it shouldn’t be a problem for engineering and medical colleges to make use of CUET scores for acceptance.” Union ministry of education as well as UGC have begun discussions to make sure that the stakeholders are prepared as he stated.
UGC will establish an expert committee made up of experts from various fields, to study the current formats of entrance tests in addition to the UGC chairperson stated that “the committee will be making suggestions regarding an exam that integrates entrance requirements. The recommendations will be presented to people who are involved in the process for feedback and consultation and, based on that, ministers and UGC will determine the format of the test. There is a lot of planning to be carried out.”


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