microsoft: Microsoft Edge users may soon get these Windows 11 features

Following the release of Windows 11 operating system last year, Microsoft added new design elements to its Edge browser. According to a new report from WindowsLatest Microsoft is working on enhancements to the Edge browser. As per the article, Microsoft plans to introduce edges that are rounded for tabs within the Chromium built Edge browser, as well as Mica effects for tabs. Mica effect for tabs that strip. For those who don’t remember, Google Chrome also introduced the round edges of tabs and menus with the launch in Windows 11.

The report further states that the new design of the tab stripes can be seen in the most recent edition of Edge Canary, As per the report, the new design changes aren’t enabled by default. Users have to manually enable them by entering the settings section. In the past, Microsoft also added Windows 11-style overlay scrollbars in the Edge Canary browser. If you don’t know scrollbars in Windows 11 change shape whenever you walk by them or interact with them.

In the last month, the company launched a new program known as Microsoft Editor. Microsoft Editor. The new tool is designed to verify spelling and punctuation. Additionally it also offers suggestions to improve the quality of text. Users do not need to separate install this feature because it is integrated to Edge. Edge browser. Microsoft Editor also offers support for over 20 languages as well as on all websites with text fields that don’t include a built-in spell-check.

Additionally company has also launched the Web Select tool for features. This tool makes it simpler for people to download and paste text from the internet, which includes tables. This new feature makes it easier to make the search for web-based information such as tables, images and text. It also provides an option to capture web pages that allows you to snap photos, annotations and save the content you come across on the internet.

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