How Microsoft’s plan may give it an ‘Edge’ over Google

Microsoft has been enhancing its Edge browser, and has been enticed users to switch from Chrome by claiming it is the top browser for Windows But the change to Edge was not as smooth like the company may had hoped for, and Google Chrome remains the top choice for users. Then, Microsoft has another trick to pull off to convince more people to adopt Edge. The tech giant is adding an unpaid VPN for the Edge web browser. It may bring more users to Edge. The feature is explained on the Support page of the firm.

The tech giant has named this feature ‘Microsoft’s Edge Secure Network’ that is currently in the test phase. The aim of the “Secure Network”? to encrypt your connection to shield your identity from hackers, protect your identity from tracking online and ensure your privacy as is expected of the VPN service. Microsoft has joined forces with Cloudflare to provide this VPN service.
You’ll get 1GB of data each month when log in with Microsoft Edge with their Microsoft accounts.
How do I turn on and make use of Microsoft Secure Network? Microsoft Secure Network

To utilize it and be granted access to the feature it is necessary to log in using your Microsoft account in Edge in the Settings and more’, then select the option to secure your Network’. After that you’ll notice that the VPN will be activated and your browser’s frame will show an icon of a solid shield. The feature will be turned off by itself after you close the Edge browser. You’ll need to turn it on again in order to make use of it again.
The feature is still in the preview phase. It is likely that Edge Insiders will get to test the feature first. The final version is expected to be released within the next few weeks.

It is absolutely free VPN and by offering this service in Edge, Microsoft has certainly created a browser dominance game fascinating as its rivals, Google and Mozilla, do permit VPN services to their browsers however they’re paid for services.


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