Google New Policy Will Implemented From 11 May 2022 Know What Rules Will Be Changed Now

Google The new Privacy Policies:If you are a Google user and you’ve been worried about your privacy and security now, there’s a glimmer of comfort for you. In reality, Google has made many significant changes to its current policy. The new policy will take effect from 11 May 2022. There are many advantages under new policies. One of them is to request removal of your personal data from Google results for searches. Alongside this numerous other significant changes pertaining to your privacy are in effect starting May 11. We’ll find out what’s going to change on May 11.

The motivation of this new rule.

Michelle Chang, Global Policy Director, Google Search Section, says, “As the Internet continues to evolve, so does your information and use in unexpected places. Our aim is to prevent this and our It is our endeavor to bring such a policy which is friendly to the safety of the users”. In this regard the future, we’ll introduce our new policy that will have several modifications. The purpose of this policy is to stop misuse of personal data of users and to prevent the possibility of identity theft.

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As per the news report, the announcement that the company issued this Wednesday is founded on “personal contact information”. This means that there is a chance to erase your the email address, physical address or phone number, as well as other personal details that reveal your identity will be exposed. Furthermore, you’ll be able to ask Google to erase your login credentials from results of searches as well. This is a step to prevent users’ identities from being stolen and compromised.

how does it work

If you are interested in using the new policy following its implementation, you’ll be required to visit the help pages of Google on the subject. Then, you will be required to input the URL of where your personal data is stored. Users can provide up to 1,000 URLs via this form. The company states that “when we receive these requests We will examine every item on the page to make sure that we’re not restricting the accessibility of other information, for instance, news articles. Google will also determine if the information cited is in the public record of websites of official or government sources.”

What else is going to change in the new guidelines?

As per the new policy, Google will no longer allow third-party applications to record calls. The decision was made with regard to the security and privacy of users. It is important to note that this policy applies to third-party apps. If your phone is already equipped with built-in call recording software and you are capable of recording the same way as previously.



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