Joshua Schachter is the guy who created Below is the text that caught my attention.

Joshua had quite few web app sites that lead to He maintained a text file with like 20000 bookmarks.

On being asked

Why did succeed ?

“First of all, because it was not a venture to start. I was building a product and that’s it.”

Joshua also realized a bunch of projects that did not work out for him. Both pre and post

On being asked What is your favorite bit of advice you’d give to a technical person who wanted to start a startup ?

Reduce. Do as little as possible to get what you have to get done. Do less of it; get it done. If you’ve two things that you want to put together, take away until they go together. Don’t add another thing.  Because you can understand it better, you can analyze it more cleanly. The UI will be easier. Doing less is so important.