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Swara Bhasker has recently taken an indirect swipe at the show “The Kashmir Files,” a series directed by director Vivek Agnihotri. She wrote on Twitter “If you’d like someone to be congratulated on the success of your work.. Perhaps don’t be spending the past five years shuffling over their head.. (sic).”

Although the post of the actress came without a mention of her name the post quickly caught people’s attention. They didn’t like it and started flooding the comments section.

One user responded, “I think u got the whole thing wrong Swara. Many are wondering why the most prominent Bollywood stars haven’t offered an acknowledgement to get people back into cinemas. Operative word being “prominent”. You are free to chill. #TheKashmirFiles (sic).” “Congratulations Swara!!! Again, you have t.successfully attracted the attention of many from “someone else’s success”but sorry , this time you only received 100retweets, it seems that the people are engaged in productive work) (sic),” added another.

In addition, ‘The Kashmir Files was well-received by the public since its release on March 11. Famous actors such as Akshay Kumar Hansal Mehta, Yami Gautam Kangana Ranaut , and many others were heard praising Anupam Kher’s performance.

The director of the film, who examines the gruesome background of Kashmiri Pandits as well as the atrocities they endured during the war in Kashmir, Yami Gautam recently tweeted her praise for the film. She also told ETimes, “We are all quite aware about the subject of this film, and I really meant every word I posted via Twitter.”

Yami who is the wife of filmmaker Aditya Dhar also stated, “Having been married to an Kashmiri Pandit, and having had the privilege of interacting with many of them because of our friendship I’ve come to know a lot of their tales. If you realize that there’s a documentary out there that relates what transpired in the past, it is essential to help the cause.

Of of course, we were young at the time of everything happened, therefore there’s no personal memories associated, but when you are hearing these stories and you are member of the fraternity you realize how significant the film really is.

The people are so emotionally affected by the film, and are experiencing such a strong and intense emotion about it. Why not go out to support it, and then be a part of it, and talk about it and show our emotions. The article I said in The Kashmir Files on social media came from my heart.

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