DoS attack: These Android users are under risk of DoS attack: What is it and how to stay safe

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT under|) – a part of|which is part of} the IT ministry has issued a new alert to Android Operating System users. The high-severity warning is for those using Android 10 Android 11 Android 12 as well as Android 12L. According to the warning, multiple weaknesses have been discovered within the operating system that could be exploited by a hacker to gain access to elevated privileges reveal sensitive information, and even cause a denial of service on the system targeted.

The report further states “these vulnerabilities exist in the Android OS due to flaws in Framework Component, Media Framework Components, System Components, Kernel LTS, MediaTek components, Qualcomm components and Qualcomm closed source components.” According to the advisory, exploiting of these vulnerabilities may permit the attacker to obtain elevated privileges, expose sensitive information and create DoS (DoS) conditions on the system targeted.

To protect yourself For your protection, the CERT-in suggests to download the most current version Android OS available for your smartphone. You can verify the latest version that is available for your smartphone by navigating to Settings. Settings app.
What exactly is a DoS attack?

An attack known as a denial of service (DoS) threat is cyber-security risk that is caused when an attacker tries to block devices or network resources inaccessible. When your smartphone is under DoS attack you will not be able use your device. Most of the time the attacks do not result in the theft or loss of data or other valuables.


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