Bradley Joseph “Brad” Fitzpatrick (born February 5, 1980 in Iowa), is an American programmer. He is best known as the creator of LiveJournal and is the author of a variety of free software projects such as memcached.”

Source : wikipedia

He is just 31 years old and the youngest to be interviewed for the book.

“Some of my first memories are programming with my dad. Like he will pull me into the kitchen and he was writing down a program on a paper. He asked “What do you think it does?”” I remember it was like “10 PRINT HELLO 20 GOTO 10″

He created LiveJournal while still at college. Awesome isn’t it.

He mentioned the importance of knowing the stack that one is working on from bottom up.

“I was thinking about things from javascript to how things were interacting in the kernel code about epoll and I was like, “Well, what if we have all these long TCP connections and Javascript is polling with these open TCP connections that going to this load balancers”

To do for me after reading the whole conversation is  Learn more of vim. It’s my primary editor and I need to get better at it.