bollywood: Govinda’s nephew Vinay Anand on his Bollywood comeback: Pandemic is the major reason why I opted to do a horror film ‘Makaan’ | Hindi Movie News

Vinay Anand started his acting career in the Bollywood film ‘Lo Major Aagaya’, which starred Prem Chopra Laxmikant Berde and Mohan Joshi and later, his career took off in the Bhojp Uri cinema and gained an enormous fan base in the regional film industry. Vinay gained fame in the Bollywood multi-starrer called ‘Amdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiya’. However Vinay has been a bit absent from Bollywood films and is now making an appearance in Bollywood after a lengthy hiatus.

According to reports The actor is set to appear in a horror-themed drama called “Makaan,”. ETimes approached the actor for more details about his upcoming film, and the actor revealed his experiences being in Bhojpuri films, he was able to understand the significance of Mass and Class. ” Though I started my career with Bollywood films, the sad part is that I started it too early. So, whenever I see any of my old films, I don’t like to see myself on the big screen. Now, after working in numerous Bhojpuri movies, I came to know the perfect meaning of mass and class. I have done several types of films in my career but now I know which type of role the audience will love to see me on the big screen.”

If asked by the actor on his choice to work in regional films instead of Bollywood the actor explains “The reason I switched to Bhojpuri was I wanted to run my house. People think that I belong to a celebrity family but we have to handle our responsibility by ourselves . I know I have to prove myself to get the place that I always wanted in Bollywood. And the fact that will always remain unchanged is that no one helps you in bad times.”

Vinay also revealed his motives of selecting the horror film “Makaan”. “Pandemic is the major reason why I opted to do a horror film. I always judge myself as a critic as the people will get to see me in a completely different version. I am very excited because I know I have done my homework very well “


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