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Uptosomething.in is a Hindi website that has been created to provide information on various topics used in technology and common life, on this website information is written on important topics like Technology, Equation, Money Making, written on each subject. The information being sent is taken from a right source and the information is modified and shared in easy language.

Right now the amount of articles or information on Uptosomething is less, but with time you will get to see all kinds of full information in it.

At present, all types of knowledge available on the Internet is in the English language, so there are many readers who want to read and understand the information in Hindi language. This blog has been made for the same purpose as the information which is available in the English language. It should also be made available in Hindi language in a correct and simple way.

All the articles written here are written from the information taken from a right source so that the readers do not have to go to any other place for information.

We try that all the articles written here are updated so that the readers can know about the current happenings.

Our goal is to increase the knowledge of the person coming here.

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My name is Jitendra Aakde and I am the founder and author of Uptosomething.in as well as a software engineer. I have completed my engineering degree from a private college in Indore city.

I am very fond of writing and reading since my school time and also like to share my knowledge with others, in such a way, I found blogging a better option to spread my knowledge to unlimited people and thus knowledge to Uptosomething.in Created with the aim of sharing and helping other people.

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