🙂 Democracy Tools- Yahoo OpenHackDay App

Democracy Tools Frontpage

Democracy Tools allows Indian citizens to find their constituency, search government websites, track what the media has to say about our leaders/politicians.I made Democracy Tools along with Yatin Kumbhare, and Ankur Patel. This application won at Yahoo Openhackday Bangalore 2010under the Government Award Category. Software is made using Django/Python, YUI, Yahoo BOSS, PlaceFinder API, Yahoo Maps.

🙂 CiMPLE – A Visual Programming Language

CiMPLE Assemble You Bot

CiMPLE is a Visual Programming Language for children to program/instruct the iPitara Robotic kit. Software is made using Qt/C++ GUI toolkit and Python. CiMPLE was selected by Nokia as First Qt Ambassador showcase application

🙂 iPitara.in – A Django Based Web Application

CiMPLE Product Page

iPitara.in is a Django based web application that is used by our customers(children) and partner (Reliance Web World). Children use it to download latest patches and updates. While Reliance Web World uses it to schedule workshop/camps, issue invoice, generate MIS reports. Software is made using Python/Django.

🙂 BeanBag – A Book Cataloging Software (2006 College Project)

Loan The Book

BeanBag was my last semester software project. It is a Book Catolouging software. It used a host of web services. Most prominent being Amazon Web Service aka Product Advertising API. Software is made using C++/Qt.

🙂 Blogworm – A Web based Desktop Feed Reader (2005 College Project)


BlogWorm was a mini project I made. It’s made after reading the code of a defunt feedreader based on perl. Software is made using Perl.

🙂 Code written by me.